Gallery Work

Springtime Girl
Springtime Girl is full of texture, color and imagery of Spring, coming alive and honoring our deep connection to Gaia.
Black Coyote is about going on a quest, a journey, connecting with your Spirit Guide who is so much faster than you, flying ahead and giving you insight while you are lumbering along in human form.
Angel is a beautiful being of high vibration and full of pure love whose joy is to help.


‘Skip the Yoke’ is a tribute to a vision of one of my Power Animals, Horse, who has patiently and steadfastly helped me through many tough times.
Mandala has powerful contrasting colors reminding me of India and exotic places on the planet where spices fill the air. My mandalas are like life- crooked and yet perfect in all its imperfections and I am OK with that.


Murals can be painted on practically any surface. Here two Toucans as the Lovebirds they are have been painted on a rough cinder block wall.
This Tuscan inspired mural will light up your day and make you feel safe and secure in the warm mass of the sun baked walls.
Trompe L’Oeil Locker Room for Baseball Greats- working with shadows and light to create a 3-d effect.
Butterflies and Polka Dots- taking inspiration from a beautiful bed sheet these elegant creatures flutter and look over the young inhabitants of the bedroom. The Polka Dots add whimsy and joy.
A fierce and powerful dragon with its pearl egg in claw; a sure protector for the owner of the bedroom.
Look again: the shelf, the trophy, the bat and the hat are all painted on the wall. Cleverly placed shadows make them appear 3D but they are 2D

 Displaying a passion for chess. A giant chessboard painted as headboard directly on the wall- we also painted chess pieces on the walls around the room.

Classic Winnie the Pooh room- the original Winnie the Pooh illustrations are timeless and delightful, Winnie the Pooh lived under the name Sanders, meaning that he lived under a board with the name “Mr. Sanders” written on it.
An ordinary bathroom gets a whole new feel as the intriguing underwater world is waving all around the bather. Sea turtle and clown fish say hello!


A portrait of a young boy made from observations and photographs.
Celebrating Love!
Portrait from observations and photographs.
A simple line drawing
An angel or a spirit balancing energies in the Upper World.
This piece was commissioned in honor of the deceased father of a lovely woman. He grew up with the vast wheat fields in Canada; this commemorates both her love for him and the richness of his experience growing up in golden wheat.

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