What is your magical moment with Hummingbird?


My one-on-one experience happened in Arizona, but before that I had been ‘dive-bombed’ a couple of times by hummingbirds; in the mountains in Colorado, later in the desert preserves of Arizona. But this was different. We had moved into a townhouse with a dead and depleted backyard and had managed to save a stamp-size patch of grass by steady watering. Now beautiful shrubs, plants, and flowers, even a Queen Palm that my oldest son gave me for Mother’s Day (love his sense of humor!) were thriving. With sufficient water everything grows like thunder in the desert. The hummingbirds appreciated this, stopping by and sipping the nectar of the various blossoms.

One warm and beautiful spring morning as I sat quietly after watering, a tiny hummingbird suddenly stood hovering midair right in front of me. It seemed almost unreal. I had not even seen it coming into my line of vision, it was just right there but inches from my face. Time stood still for me. I had never been that close to a hummingbird.

She was exquisite, tiny, but with big dark round eyes, hovering only a few inches from my face. I got a feeling that she could see right into the deepest parts of my soul and was gauging what she saw. We looked at each other and then suddenly a very earthly thought struck me. Hummingbirds are attracted to bright colors and these blue eyes of mine might look like interesting flowers to this little bird. I couldn’t help it- I blinked- and then she was gone.

I will always remember being THAT close to one of the tiniest, most fascinating creatures on Earth.

Image from go2peru.com

Did you know that hummingbirds are held in even higher esteem than Wolf and Eagle by the South American Shamans? There are long traditions- the Nazca Lines in Peru show a hummingbird among other sacred animals. These giant drawings are estimated to have been made between 500 BCE and 500 CE.

Hummingbird is the only bird able to fly forwards, sideways, and in reverse. You can compare the tiny bird’s movements to the shifts a shaman makes while journeying. When a shaman enters into non-ordinary Reality by listening to a steady drum beat he or she is in two places at once: The “left brain” will be aware of this dimension while the right brain allows them to enter into and view the invisible Dimensions that surround us all the time. Shamans can move and shift just like a Hummingbird does, moving into the Lower world, Upper world, or the Middle world.

I have been painting and drawing hummingbirds often after this meeting and she has of course turned out to be one of my guides. Here is one that especially reminds me of that magical moment.

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What is your magical hummingbird moment? Do you have one?

If you do you more than likely have Hummingbird as one of your guides as well.

I would love to hear about your experiences with hummingbird- please share it with us in the comments below!

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