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How to Paint a Monarch Butterfly with Acrylics

How to Paint a Monarch Butterfly with Acrylics

I love butterflies. The monarch butterfly is the butterfly that migrates like birds do. They are large and brighten our backyards here in the Midwest in the summer.  Planting milkweed attracts them to your spots. Come paint a butterfly with me. Supply List for Monarch...

Doodles- Check them out

Doodles- Check them out

This doodle was mixing medias- I had been editing for hours that day, looking at myself painting and it felt good to draw the image- kind of owning it by using my hand and my own media rather than the screen. I decided to use color to illustrate the canvas only and...

Intuitive Painting- Accessing the Source

Intuitive Painting- Accessing the Source

The most important rule about intuitive painting is that there are no rules! No rules to follow for proper painting technique, that is. No rules for proper anything, actually! It doesn't even have to look like anything. It can be a completely abstract color study if...


This class was really fun and interesting. Susanne, you are an amazing artist and a wonderful teacher. I felt like even though I had no experience, I could start to create something outside of my comfort zone.
Donna D.


When you started the technique, I found that I got out of my own way. The colors and the forms came to me without thinking too hard. It was an exciting and thought-provoking practice. I was so immersed in the activity that I forgot that I was sitting in a room where I was cold.
Anita B.

Home Healthcare

I shared the technique you taught me with my stepson who has always been very private with his emotional life and often says- “I don’t want to talk about it”. Now he uses the technique when his emotions are too big for him and he doesn’t have the words to let them out.
Thank you.
Ingrid A.

Work-at-home Mom

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